Reina is a virtual assistant based in the Philippines. She helps business owners gain more hours in a day.

Stuck? Buried in time-consuming tasks or, your ‘to-do’ just list keeps growing? Get the help you need and the freedom you need in your business.

Reina as a virtual assistant.

Reina understands that your business is a big part of your life – along with your home life. Reina was a college teacher, a legal secretary, and a self-proclaimed ‘chef’ before she became a full-time virtual assistant. There is  nothing actually virtual about her though. Reina delivers, she takes pride in her productivity.

For Enquiries Call Me at

(714) 855-2416

    After the realization set in that she could not financially pursue her primary dream, to be an Architect, Reina spent many sleepless nights thinking about what to do next. Reina believes that a first love is not necessarily the greatest of all…in this case architecture, hence she discovered her second and third love, the study of law and business.

    Reina obtained her degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology with honors.

    When she’s not on the job, she spends hours reading, online window shopping and working her way through every YouTube video on food and travel. She loves art, museums and appreciates black & white photography.

    If you’re interested in grabbing a coffee and talking shop (or to hear about how she wants to read reviews and do intensive research on any product before she purchases them), send her a message.